Dear Hacettepe University Alumni,

You receive the result of your hardwork and devoted studies for years with this diploma at last. First of all, as the Hacettepe Family, we would like to congratulate you; your families, who have raised you with many sacrifices and your instructors, who have contributed to complete your education in line with the Hacettepe quality.

Dear Alumni,

Please do not forget that this graduation is not an end, but a new beginning for you. Life is just beginning for you, from now on you have to work more, you need to make plans and take responsibility to build up the future of our country and the humanity. I am sure that you would take the responsibility and sacrifice in terms of contributing to and solving the problems of our country as well as the humanity.

You graduate with the necessary competence and self-confidence to represent our country and our university anywhere in the world. Besides the knowledge and competence in your areas of graduation, I am sure that you would experience the difference and privilege of being graduates of Hacettepe in all professional and social environments that you would be involved thanks to the solution centered, rational and tolerant point of view that you received at the Hacettepe University.

Please also keep in mind that you have privilege as the Hacettepe University alumni, not only because of the qualified education at the universal standards that you have received here, but also the ethical values and principles that you have acquired at our university during your education life. Our expectation from you is that you bring our country “to the leading edge…towards being the best” with the vision of our founder İhsan Doğramacı and according to the goals set by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as devoted, honest, hardworking, fair and leader individuals in all aspects of the social life in line with the Hacettepe alumni identity.

Dear Distinguished 2021-2022 Alumni,

I would like to mention that all of the successes you would receive in your life would be a source of happiness, honour and pride for us and as the Hacettepe Family, we would always support you after your graduation for a happier and better tomorrow. I wish you first of all health, then success, happiness and peace in your entire life.

May your path would be open and your life would be full of success.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit GÜRAN