Dear Alumni,

At this point in your life, you deserve to receive the most important diploma of a long educational journey that resulted in success. We heartily congratulate you. However, never forget that learning should continue from the cradle to the grave, that life is a learning process, and that this graduation is not the end for you, but a new beginning.

As Hacettepe graduates, we are sure that you will be the enlightened face of this society and that you will shed light on all aspects of our society by taking responsibility in professional and social issues with the responsibility of intellectuals and with a sincere ownership. Do not forget that in addition to the professional contributions you will provide with the competencies you have, you have historical responsibilities for the solution of social problems.

As in the whole world, the effect of the Covid-19 epidemic has been increasing in our country for months. We may encounter situations where the struggle for the control of the epidemic is damaged due to the lack of sensitivity in various social environments and the failure to take the necessary precautions. As members of Hacettepe University, it is clear that we must have a mission that guides the society, not that fits the society. Therefore; We are of the opinion that an understanding that acts with emotions, leaves the results of the steps taken to chance and imposes a cost on the society for personal expectations will not coincide with the responsibility of scientific knowledge and intellectuals. As a result of the detailed evaluations made by our University Senate; Considering the fact that most of our graduates are located outside of the province, that our graduates will have to travel to Ankara to attend a face-to-face graduation ceremony, the burden and risk of catching a disease due to this situation, as in many universities in the national and international arena, the 2019-2020 academic year It has been decided to hold the graduation ceremonies of the year with remote access.

We are committed to ensuring that our graduates attend the graduation ceremonies that will be held after the pandemic conditions disappear, with the thought that human life, protecting the health of you and our staff are the highest values, and that it is not possible to compensate for the loss of health of our graduates and staff, but the graduation ceremony will be compensated.

Dear Alumni,

With these feelings and thoughts, we have prepared for you a model that has not been applied in graduation processes until today. We combine dozens of graduation ceremonies that we hold remotely on the basis of our departments/programs with the corporate identity of Hacettepe, and share them with you as my portal. We offer our love to you all.

May your path and luck be open.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit GÜRAN